You're Invited - Griddiron 2016 Group Coaching

If you are a church leader, let's talk about 2016.

We could talk about plans you have for your church to make disciples, grow leaders, increase income, serve your city and reach the nations.

I'd rather talk about you.

Do You Have What It Takes To Lead In 2016?

Every church leader knows that our work is not easy. God didn't choose us because we're supremely talented and morally superior to the people we serve. It's not that we're incompetent villains. But when we self-evaluate, don't we have a hard time believing that we have what it takes to lead well in this next season?

I'm thankful that we live in an age where there are plenty of conversations about imperfect pastors and leaders who limp. We have been helped by books and conferences and blogs to help us lead. But those resources don't provide us with someone else who can encourage us towards our hopes and goals as a leader.

One of the solutions that has helped me has been the groups that I have participated in that have helped me accelerate my results in preaching, developing leaders, time management and other critical elements of leadership, such as emotional health, leading my family and taking care of myself physically.

But I didn't write this to talk about me; I want to extend an invitation to you.

Griddiron 2016 Group Coaching Program

Next year, I'm leading a coaching cohort of six senior leaders in churches that have up to 500 people in weekly attendance. We'll have a monthly group call to discuss and develop action steps related to topics such as:

  • Your personal discipleship plan for 2016
  • Growing a culture of discipleship in your church
  • How to develop amazing leaders
  • Building a sustainable funding plan
  • Are you a church-planting church?
  • How to multiply your time
  • Developing preaching tools - annual calendar, effective feedback and improved communication skills
  • Managing staff and volunteers
  • Helping your people believe that their work on Mondays matters

In addition to the group calls, I'll meet with you one-on-one four times during the year to help you accelerate your results beyond what we work on in the cohort. These personal coaching sessions provide an opportunity for you to go deeper in one or more of the cohort topics or to work on something we're not going to cover together.

Is Group Coaching A Great Investment For You?

Now maybe you don't think you have the time or money to be part of something like this. I totally get it. That's why I've condensed everything we're doing into 16 hours of work together. That's around 1/1000th of your 2016. And while I can't offer this kind of experience for free, I am making it available at a fraction of my normal coaching fee. 

So it won't cost you a lot of time. You won't have to break the bank to jump in. And you end up with exponentially better results in your life and leadership than you would if you set out into 2016 on your own. I'm taking all of that I've learned in more than 15 years of leading churches and coaching dozens of leaders in churches of different sizes and theological-denominational stripes.

So do you want in?

Space is limited. I'm only going to work with a handful of new clients next year. And I want them to be the right leaders for this kind of group. So I created an application that takes you less than 10 minutes to fill out. I'll take applications through November 25, but once the cohort fills up, I'll stop taking applications. 

So do you want to accelerate your results in 2016? Apply now. 


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