36 Powerful Resources That Grow Amazing Leaders

'What do you use to develop leaders in your church?'

That's a great question. When we built our leadership pipeline here in Athens, we constructed four tiers of leadership. Each tier represents a level of responsibility that necessitates certain competencies in order for someone to lead well. And while I think it is vital for you to construct the pipeline that you need in your context, maybe sharing the resources that we use will prime the pump for you.

Tier One - Leading Yourself

Tier Two - Leading Others

Tier Three - Leading Teams

Tier Four - Leading an Organization

Look for other posts later this week as I talk about the importance of gospel fluency in your church's pipeline and the most important lesson we've learned in developing leaders. 

Four years ago, I could count the number of leaders in our church on one hand. We had plenty of followers but almost no one was willing or able to lead. Today, we have more than fifty leaders at every level of our organization. Nothing that we have done has had a more significant impact on our life and mission as a church.

Do The Next Right Thing

Choose the one book that will impact the largest number of volunteers in your church. Invite them to read the book together and schedule a conversation a month from now over coffee and dessert. Focus the conversation on how to apply what each person learned to their life and leadership.

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