Here Is The Most Important Hire You Will Make This Year

If you can only make one hire this year, find someone to distribute your content.

I am huge on this right now. As the church becomes increasingly irrelevant in our culture and the world gets noisier because of the internet - YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter - every church needs to think of themselves as a media company. Your church has an important story to tell and it has never been easier to broadcast your message to the world.

This is not a matter of predicting the future or investing in a future reality. Find out where your people live online and connect with them there. If you work with students, you should absolutely be on Snapchat. If you have a thriving women's ministry, your church needs a Pinterest board. Everyone over 25 years old in your church has a Facebook page. Does anyone in your church not have an email address?

What do you do when you get there? You add value. You tell great stories. You provide helpful resources. You make people laugh. You make people smarter. And the ones who really get this right are the churches who use email or social media or blogs to have a two-way conversation. Distribution is vital but conversation is where the magic happens. 

Do The Next Right Thing

Find someone to tell your story through social media and email. Task them with learning how to tell stories natively on the platforms inhabited by the people in your church. Have them get in touch with my friends at Church Fuel to learn the ropes of email content marketing. 

If you are already creating content (sermons, blog, etc.) then you have something to work with. What you need is a wizard at getting that content to the people who need it most. You might only have a wizard-in-training but with your support and investment, you might end up with a Jedi Master who helps your church make a difference.

PS - For those of you who have a personal brand (blog, outside speaking engagements), find someone to take a few hours a week to distribute your content and free you up to focus on content creation. 

PSS - Bet on native video content on Facebook, Instagram, etc. And don't ignore opportunities to use podcasting for things like leadership training and membership classes.

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