How To Have A Great Memorial Day

I'm not supposed to be here right now.

I have a weekly newsletter that helps people make time for what matters most in life. Last week, I threw down something called the Memorial Day Challenge. 24 hours without your smartphone or tablet.

The good news is that my wife has hidden my iPhone and iPad in an undisclosed location. But here I am on my computer because I want to help you have a great Memorial Day. Because making today is not easy. If you are a pastor, Memorial Day weekend is kinda depressing (I polled around 50 pastors and the average drop in attendance was somewhere around 33% of normal attendance). And if you have kids, then a holiday is not a 'vacation' - it's simply doing the work of parenting in a slightly different way.

So I thought I would pass along six things you can and should do today to make Memorial Day great:

1. Read Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

2. Read 'The Words That Remade America' on the significance of the Gettysburg Address

3. Watch Saving Private Ryan on AMC. If you don't have kids, you should make watching Band of Brothers (free if you have Amazon Prime) a Memorial Day ritual.

4. Eat apple pie because we're Americans, dadgummit. Homemade is ideal. If you're slumming it, I'm sure your nearest convenience store sells the Hostess variety. And if you can still see your abs, then you'd probably prefer Quest Nutrition's Apple Pie bar (available at your local GNC).

5. Take time to pray with your family and friends. Thank God for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and thank him for those who died to give us our freedom. No need to turn on Lee Greenwood but let's not be spoiled brats and act like we deserve anything that we have today.

6. Turn off your devices and enjoy the day with real people. I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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