How To Build An Amazing Volunteer Team

Your church rises and falls based on your leaders.

And most of your leaders are not paid.

What are you doing to invest in your volunteer leaders?

My friends at the Rocket Company have created a fantastic resource called Volunteer Rocket.

Volunteer Rocket helps you RECRUIT volunteers.

Volunteer Rocket helps you TRAIN volunteers.

Volunteer Rocket helps you RETAIN volunteers.

Volunteer Rocket helps you INSPIRE volunteers.

Sounds simple, right? 

I recommend Volunteer Rocket to all of my coaching and consulting clients.

And our church has used Volunteer Rocket for three years.

It's been a complete and total gamechanger for us.

Kick the tires...

Unless you have more volunteers at your church than you can manage - volunteers who believe they're making a difference - you should test drive the system for seven days.

Full Disclosure - If you buy Volunteer Rocket, the Rocket Company sends a commission my way.

Completely understand if you don't like that.

If it helps, I'll send you the commission I receive when your church signs up.

I just want you to have what you need to lead your church. 

Oh, and let me share this with you.

This is one of my favorite resources in Volunteer Rocket.

They created a volunteer culture worksheet.

It's a great way to assess the assumptions, actions and attitudes of your current volunteer system. 

I'll get you started and if you like what you see, take Volunteer Rocket out for a spin.

Ready? Let's go!


Get together with key leaders in your current volunteer system.

Have each person answer every question individually

Work through your answers together to get everyone on the same page

Circle the words that best describe your volunteer culture:

  • Tiring
  • Excited
  • Burned Out
  • Fun
  • Appreciative
  • Busy

What words do you want to describe your volunteer culture?

What percentage of your adults who are active attenders volunteer on a consistent basis?

What percentage of your adults who are active attenders do you WANT to volunteer on a regular basis?

Get the idea?


Now go sign up for the 7-Day Test Drive and download the rest of the worksheet.

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