A Simple Easy Plan For Great Leadership Team Meetings

On a scale of 1-10, how good are your leadership team meetings? 

The reason I ask is because your leadership team meeting tells me a lot about your church. After one meeting, I can gauge how well you communicate, how well your team uses their time, and how effective you are at getting things done.

Wanna know what I'm looking for?

11 Critical Elements Of Great Team Meetings

1. Who is invited?

Great meetings involve anyone and everyone needed to make wise decisions.

2. When and where are you meeting?

Great meetings take place at a consistent place and time.

3. What are you celebrating?

Great meetings celebrate last week's wins before taking on this week's challenges.

4. What are you measuring?

Great meetings pay attention to quantifiable data that matters most.

5. What are you prioritizing?

Great meetings focus on the most significant priority for the team during this season (month, quarter, year).

6. How is your team?

Great meetings pay attention to the performance of the people who report to each team member.

7. What progress did we make?

Great meetings review action steps from the previous meeting.

8. What needs to be decided?

Great meetings discuss items (in order based on significance) in order to make decisions.

9. What is going to get done this week?

Great meetings turn decisions into action items that can be completed before the next meeting.

10. What do we need to communicate?

Great meetings inform others in the church about the decisions made during the meeting.

11. How did we do?

Great meetings end with a brief evaluation (scale of 1-10) by each team member.

Do The Next Right Thing

How many of these elements do you already include in your leadership team meetings?

Here is the template I use in my weekly meeting with our management team (senior-level staff).  Feel free to copy-and-paste or use it as a guide to building a template for your team meetings.

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