Simple Solutions For Churches Who Struggle With Change

Does your church struggle with change?

You know you struggle with change if your highest level leaders:

  1. Suggest all the changes the church should make
  2. Resist all the changes the church should make

Churches that breakthrough the other side of the struggle:

  1. Encourage experimentation
  2. Develop a mechanism for acting upon suggestions

So let's cook up some guidelines for churches when it comes to change:

  1. Everybody is encouraged to experiment.
  2. Expect the best ideas to come from people who are closest to real opportunities and challenges. 
  3. Ideas are not favored based on who creates them.
  4. Ideas that create a buzz should be favored. 
  5. Those at the highest level of leadership are responsible for cultivating ideas that come up through the pipeline.
  6. A clear and overarching purpose must be articulated and over-communicated. 

If you are a lead pastor:

  1. What is that overarching purpose of your church? Can every person in your leadership pipeline articulate that purpose?
  2. Can every volunteer in your church clearly and consistently articulate why they do what they do?
  3. How do you determine whether to take action on someone's idea?
  4. Does everyone in your leadership pipeline know that they have the responsibility and authority to do whatever it takes to make their area of responsibility better?

If you are not a lead pastor:

  1. Do you know the overarching purpose of your church?
  2. Why do you do what you do in the church?
  3. Who do you go to with your ideas about the church? Do you receive good feedback? Who takes action on your best ideas?
  4. Who are you responsible for in the church? How are you helping them experiment and make the church better?

Couple other questions:

What needs to change in your church in the next six months?

What would you like to do about it this week?

What other suggestions do you have for churches who struggle with change?

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