Are You In the 1%?

A few months back, I texted a friend of mine who is well-connected with churches across the U.S. as a consultant. Here's what I sent him: 'What percentage of megachurches have an intentional leadership development system?'

His response? 'Less than 1%'

Here's why that matters to you, even if you lead a church of hundreds and not a church of thousands: when you do not invest in developing leaders, your leadership suffers.

The Reason You Can't Find More Time

Let me give you one example. I routinely ask friends who lead churches about the challenges that they are currently facing. Far and away, the two most consistent responses I get back are developing leaders and time management.

Makes total sense. Unless you build a team around you, you won't be able to focus your time on your most significant work. 

So what's the solution?

If you want to be more productive and focus your work on what matters most, invest in a leadership development system this year. Take a different path then practically every other church that you know. Be part of the 1%.

I'll even help you get started. This Thursday, February 25th, at 2pm Eastern, I'm teaching a free online master class entitled, 'How to Develop Amazing Leaders in 2016.' Over the course of an hour, I'll show you:

  • The hidden leadership potential in your church
  • The four levels of leadership that exists in every church
  • A simple, reproducible series of steps that grows healthy leaders for the long haul
  • Where to focus your efforts in training leaders.

OK, But Does That Really Work?

This is a process that I developed in my church and our leadership capacity grew by 800% in 18 months. I have more than a dozen clients who are using this system to develop their leadership pipeline. This is a process adapted from companies of all shapes and sizes in the marketplace, refined over decades of research and innovation.

Look, you can be like everyone else (the 99%) and dream about a day when you're not scrambling for leaders and struggling to get all your work done. Or you can simply show up and invest an hour in yourself by taking my class this Thursday.

Your Choice. Choose Wisely.

You can join the 1% of churches who are transforming lives by providing meaningful opportunities for men and women to grow as leaders. You can give yourself the gift of freedom by building a leadership culture that allows you to spend more and more time doing work you were meant to do.

Here's my guarantee: by the time we're done with the class, you'll have the building blocks you need to build a leadership development system that can grow and adapt with your church.

So what do you have to lose? Take the next 30 seconds to register for the class. And show up ready to get started at 2pm Eastern this Thursday. 

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