4 Simple Skills That Great Leaders Have In Common

What do great leaders have in common?

As you lead - or help other people grow as leaders - keep these four things in mind.

Great Leaders Are Self-Aware

Great leaders maximize their influence when they take what’s best about them and put it to use for the benefit of others. Developing self-awareness about who you are and clarifying what you do best is the foundation of leading well. 

Great Leaders Are Responsible

Great leaders follow through on their commitments. Great leaders show up on time and finish the work they begin.

Great Leaders Are Excellent At Execution

Great leaders get things done. Great leaders have a relentless bent towards productivity and turning ideas into reality.

Great Leaders Are Resilient

When life knocks down a leader, they get back up and continue to lead. Great leaders show up and work hard even when life gets hard.

A Recipe For Greatness

When a leader is self-aware, responsible, resilient and has the predisposition to get things done, what results is a life of consistency.

And the hallmark of every great leader is that they are consistent. 

Greatness is not reserved for mercurial talent or brilliant ideas. Greatness is displayed when you put your whole self into play for the sake of others over the course of a lifetime. 

The Road To Greatness

The most important step in a consistent life is the next step.

Determine what area of leadership needs your attention right now. Think about the team that you lead and take the next three months to develop one aspect of consistent leadership.

If you’re looking for training resources, here are books that have helped me grow in self-awareness, responsibility, execution and resilience.

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