Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When You Develop Leaders?

Assuming you want to develop leaders in your church, there are certain mistakes you must avoid if you want to be successful? If you commit these mistakes, you'll never build the team of leaders your church needs. Worse, you might even lose leaders in the process.

How do I know? After more than 12 years as the lead pastor of one church, I've made so many mistakes developing leaders. A few days ago, I started writing down some of those mistakes and noticed a few patterns. These are my top-3 leadership development killers:

  • Mistake 1: You try to do too much. It's not easy to sort through all of the resources that are available to help churches develop leaders. And a lot of churches grab and stack more and more books and training sessions until most people become confused and quit trying to keep up. Focus on developing a process that is simple and sustainable - that gives you the best shot at being consistent in your approach.
  • Mistake 2: You wait until everything is perfect. What does it take to successfully develop leaders in your church? Ask five experts and you'll get five different answers. If you feel overwhelmed because you want to do the right thing for your people, then just start with what you know. Don't get paralyzed by what you don't know; you are far better off taking a small first step and learning what you need to keep moving forward.
  • Mistake 3: You change strategies all the time. You're developing leaders in your church, but every time you learn something new that could improve what you're doing now, you burn the old way to the ground. The best thing you can do for your church is to change nothing for the next year, and only make changes based on the feedback you receive from the men and women you are developing. 

If you're tired of guessing at developing leaders and want a framework that helps you recruit, train, and evaluate every leader in your church, I wrote 'What Is A Leadership Pipeline?' for you. It's short (three pages) and shows you three ways you can start building your leadership pipeline today.

====> Download 'What Is A Leadership Pipeline?' 

Question - What's the biggest leadership development mistake you've made in the past 12 months?

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