Secret #5 - How To Drama-Proof Your Holidays, Workplace and Everyday Life

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Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss:

  • Know your role. When conflict erupts, are you the perpetrator or victim? And if you aren’t directly part of the conflict, help the people involved to understand their roles.
  • Take a step forward. Both the victim and perpetrator need to clarify how old they feel during the conflict and take a physical step towards responsibility.
  • Decide on a better future. Once apologies have been made and tensions have de-escalated, brainstorm options together. Then negotiate and work with each other until you decide how to move forward. 

Leaders don’t wait for the drama to go away. That’s the secret we want to share with you as a leader. Take the initiative to identify the emotional regression in your family or team members. Help everyone involved take ownership of their part of the conflict. Create an environment where everyone feels heard. 

What should you do when feelings get hurt? Use this!

The Drama Triangle helps you visualize what is happening when tensions flare and take steps towards resolving the conflict. Grab the FREE resource we’ve created to walk you step-by-step through a simple way to use the Drama Triangle to lead yourself, your family and the team you lead at work.

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