5F Podcast 4: Ambition

On the way home from his flag football game last night, my (Matt) son, Will, asked what he could work on to get better before his next game. 

Will is nine years old. This season is the fourth time that he's played flag football and after every game, we talk about how his team played and what he did to positively contribute to his team. I've never treated him like he's gonna be a five-star recruit playing on Saturdays in the SEC. He makes mistakes, but he's a little kid, so my feedback has always been positive.

But he asked the question, so we talked about running hard on toss-sweeps as a running back and the importance of eye control when he's playing cornerback on defense. And when we are at practice on Saturdays, I'll remind him to work on those things.

I love Will's ambition. He knows he did some things well. He knows that he has areas where he can improve. I don't know how the rest of the season will go for him, but his desire to make the most out of his opportunity is inspiring.

Do you have that kind of ambition? More specifically, do you do your work with a desire to bring glory to God? If the temptation as we age is to give up on ambition, the temptation in our younger days is to focus our aim upon ourselves.

On this week's episode, Tal and I talk about ambition as a clear sign of vocational health. If you want to make the most out of your life and leadership, you must be ambitious - for the fame of Christ, not your own.

From clarifying your mission to maximizing your productivity to multiplying yourself through leadership development, this episode is your permission to get the clarity and momentum you need to get the results that you want.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you can't complain about 'celebrity pastors if you have a Spurgeon bobble-head
  • The opportunity and challenge of building platforms
  • Why Billy Graham didn't set out to build a platform
  • The uniqueness of your role in God's mission
  • How desire and capacity team up to help you thrive as a leader.
  • The secret of daily productivity
  • Why annual goals don't work
  • How to find the right productivity plan for you
  • How to unleash the leadership potential in your organization
  • A tool for recruiting, training and encouraging all of your leaders
  • The problem of 'do it myself' leadership
  • How vocational health connects to the rest of the Five Factors framework

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