Dan Reiland on Why Guests Return To Your Church

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Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss:

  • Why guests return to your church is not a mystery. While we can’t determine all the reasons why people to choose whether or not they come back, there are some clear practices that strongly influence their decision.
  • Emphasize personal contact after big church days. On days like Easter when your church is filled with guests, take time to write a personal note or make a phone call to thank them for coming and invite them back next week. 
  • Keep going. Dan talks about his continued love of running and how aging has slowed him down but hasn’t stopped him from hitting the road. An important lesson for your leadership, as well as your physical help.

The number of guests you serve matters less than how you serve each guest. This conversation with Dan reminds us that any church can do a great job at encouraging people to come back and get involved in the life and work that Jesus has given us together. 

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