Mailbag: Weird Prayers, Prayer Walks and What Would Jesus Pray

Mailbag Weird Prayers Prayer Walks and What Would Jesus Pray.jpg

Brief Overview:

In this final episode in our month-long series on prayer, Matt and Tal answer five of questions they are most frequently asked questions church leaders have about prayer:

Your Questions About Prayer:

  1. When is the best time to pray?

  2. What resources on prayer do you recommend the most?

  3. How do I fit everything in that I need to pray for?

  4. Any recommendations on corporate prayer meetings?

  5. What do we think of [approach to prayer that you don’t like]?

We Made This For You:

In the Five Factors Coaching program, we created a course on how to pray for your church that includes two instructional videos, a Q&A session and an interview with Pastor Alex Early from Redemption Church in Seattle on how he and other leaders in their church have prioritized prayer. It costs a few bucks for more than two hours of content, plus a customizable template to help you pray for your church.


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