What Sex Teaches Pastors About Prayer

What Sex Teaches Pastors About Prayer.jpeg

Brief Overview

In this second episode focused on prayer, Matt and Tal talk about people’s desire for intimacy, what sex teaches pastors about prayer, and answer questions about counseling and praying for people where sexual attraction is felt or possible.

Big Ideas From This Episode

  • Everyone craves intimacy - to know and be known
  • Intimacy and sex are not the same thing
  • Misused sex is a form of false intimacy
  • One vital way to recover true intimacy is through prayer
  • When pastors don’t pray for their people, we leave them more vulnerable to pursuing false forms of intimacy

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

After you listen to the podcast, take 10 minutes to pray and write down the most significant challenge you face as you pray with and for the people in your church?


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