7 Common Frustrations That Cripple Pastors

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Do you remember how excited you were when you took this job as a pastor? You didn't go in blind; life is always hard when it involves broken people in a broken world. But you were convinced this was the place and these were the people you were supposed to lead. 

This job was an assignment straight from God. This job was how and where you were going to make a difference.

So what happened?

Crippled Pastors

There is a common story in my work as a performance coach, particularly when my clients are pastors. Motivated and ambitious men and women come to me when they are stuck. They have done good work and seen real results, but nothing seems to work anymore.

So they do what comes naturally to all of us when we end up in vocational quicksand. They try harder, forgetting that thrashing about just makes the problem worse. And by the time we talk, they're not just stuck.

They feel crippled.

I see it in churches that have grown fast. I see it in churches that are in slow decline. The situations and circumstances are always unique but over the past few months, I've been writing down the frustrations I hear during coaching sessions. 

Here are seven of the most common aggravations for pastors, with quotes from actual clients.

  1. There's Not Enough Time For Sermon Preparation. 'I knew I had a problem when my most consistent study time was on the toilet.'
  2. Your Church Has Stopped Growing. 'I have tried everything I know to get us out of this rut. I've read every list of reasons why churches don't grow, and we're not guilty of those things. 
  3. No One Knows How To Grow Church Income. 'We have a great finance team, but all of them are bean counters. We don't have anyone who knows how to grow more beans.'
  4. Your Personal Finances Are Stressed. 'I am not underpaid. But we have no margin and are a car repair, a medical bill and a home appliance replacement away from trouble.'
  5. Your Family Is Getting Your Leftovers. 'I am physically present, but my head and heart are still at the office.'
  6. Your Body Is A Trainwreck. 'I'm fat. I feel bloated and sluggish every day. And if I cut off my daily caffeine supply, I'll go into a coma.'
  7. You've Tried Everything. 'I read books and blogs. I listen to podcasts. I go to conferences. I'm not lazy or stupid, but nothing seems to work.'

Recognize yourself in any of these frustrations? Yeah, me too. There isn't one of these that I haven't felt at some point in my 15 years of experience as a pastor.

Accelerate Your Results

But there is hope. Those results that you want? That success you hope to achieve? The impact you want to make?

It can be yours. Probably not overnight; matter of fact, I can virtually guarantee that your fortunes will not change quickly. But I believe you can make changes today and accelerate the rate and return of your results. I have seen it in my life and leadership, and I've seen it happen to my clients, as well.

Do you want to stay stuck on the hamster wheel of doing what you've always done with the expectation of different results? Are you sick and tired of feeling crippled by your situation and circumstances? Let's do something about it.

I zeroed in on that moment that you and I face in our work day when we hit a wall. And I put together a list of 15 simple habits you can adopt to help you achieve personal breakthrough in your job. I'm sure your situation is more complicated than the question of productivity, but I find this is a great place to start when I'm coaching new clients. 

So here's the list - it's FREE. Promise me that when you download it, you'll adopt at least one of these practices in the next 24 hours and stick with it for the next month. 

Don't be that guy (or woman) who downloads something and doesn't do anything with it. If you want to get where you want to go, it will take focus and intensity. But I believe in you. You can do this.

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