How Do You Get Better As A Preacher?

All of us struggle in different seasons of ministry to find our voice, be consistent in our preparation, and think ahead about what God wants to say to the people we lead.

In this fifteen minute video, I talk about two common mistakes preachers make when they want to improve their preaching and the three systems every preacher needs to consistently grow into the best version of themselves.

Let's Talk About Why You're Not Improving As A Preacher

Nothing matters more to the work of a pastor than preaching. However, most pastors hit a wall where they stop developing as a preacher. These seasons are personally frustrating and potentially damaging to the churches we lead.

In this fifteen minute video, I talk about one of those seasons in my life, the lessons I learned and share common mistakes we make when we try to get our preaching back on track.

From relying too much on more information to attempting to improve on your own, these mistakes won't help you improve - they'll actually set you back even further. 

Do You Make These Massive Leadership Development Mistakes?

Developing other leaders is vital to the health of any organization and institution, including the Church. Consistently, however, church leaders make critical mistakes that cripple their best efforts.

In this ten minute video, I talk about three mistakes most churches make in developing leaders and what you can do to avoid these common pitfalls.

From rethinking how you define leadership to the power of a consistent development plan, you need to understand and put these things into practice if you want to build a great team that frees you up to focus on work that matters most. 

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  1. Your church has more leaders than you realize
  2. Emerging leaders need more than just theological training.
  3. How to build a simple and sustainable system that develops every leader in your church. 

Do The Next Right Thing

Pick up one of the resources that I reference in the video and link below. I created each of these to help you in different aspects of leadership development.

36 Resources For Growing Leaders - helps you clarify leadership competencies and provides resources that develop the knowledge, skills and character needed in your leaders.

How To Develop Amazing Leaders - unlocks the puzzle of leadership development based on research in more than 150 churches.

Pipeline Academy - a revolutionary, step-by-step system that helps you design and install a leadership pipeline for your church in as little as four weeks!

Important Links and Mentions From This Episode

  1. FREE - 36 Resources For Growing Amazing Leaders 
  2. FREE Webinar - 'How To Develop Amazing Leaders In Your Church
  3. Online Training Program - Pipeline Academy: start designing your leadership pipeline today! 

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Four Competencies Required To Be A Successful Leader

Successful leaders are faithful to a handful of core beliefs and are fruitful in building something bigger than themselves.

In this ten minute video, I talk about four competencies every leader needs to develop if they want to be a successful leader. 

From self-awareness to empowering others, you need to understand and put these things into practice if you want to help other people reach a common goal!

Here Are 3 Simple Ways Leaders Become Better Readers

Leaders are readers but sometimes reading gets you in trouble

Funny story...

It's mid-December 1981, and I've been reading chapter books for a few months. I'm five years old.

My family is driving from Abilene, Texas to Birmingham, Alabama for Christmas. I'm in the back seat of a brown VW bus reading the book adaptation of the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

We stopped for gas somewhere between Dallas and Shreveport (a brutal stretch of I-20, by the way) and my mom asked me to read to her.

Now remember that I'm in first grade.

But I got this, right?

So off I go blazing a trail of words.

'Hey, wait a second. What did you just say?' I knew that tone from my mom. I had done something wrong, but she didn't want me to think I had done something wrong. At least not yet.

'Will you read that word again?'

'Yes, ma'am.' 

I looked at it. B-A-S-T



Sometimes reading gets you in trouble, right?

What Kind Of Coach Do You Need As A Pastor?

Back in 2002, I hired my first coach.

That factoid (? shoulder shrug) is important because later I'm going to show you how to choose the coach you need as a pastor to get the results you want.

I blew out my left hamstring trying to beat out an infield single in a church league softball game. 

Yeah, I know. The stuff of legends. 

The gym I trained at had a half-dozen trainers and I decided to hire one of them to help me build strength and flexibility in my legs once I finished my rehab.

My plan was to vet them informally. In between sets of my workout, I'd watch how they interacted with their clients.

Most of them seemed more interested in their friends or the women who were working out. On one level, that didn't bother me. But I eliminated those guys from my internal competition.

The trainer (Wade) I chose was an obvious fit. He paid attention to his clients. He seemed genuinely interested in their questions. 

But that's not why I chose Wade.

I picked him...well, the reason I decided to work with him is crucial for you as a pastor.

4 Powerful Changes Pastors Need To Make Next Year

If you're like most pastors, you're already looking ahead to next year and hoping that it's different than this year. You're not a statistic, but most churches didn't grow over the past 12 months, and a lot of pastors are struggling.

Sadly, a lot of pastors I talk with have no real plans to make next year different. Sure, you can set some goals or make resolutions. But didn't you do that last year?

Let's try something different this year. 

2017 Is Coming, Pastor. Are You Ready?

You and I both know that our work can keep us up at night. As 2017 gets closer, there will probably be a day when you lose a little sleep wondering whether your church is going to grow next year. How will we reach more people? What can we do to free up more money for ministry? And we all know how it feels to lose a little sleep because you're worried about something.

Always Use The Spoon

Last night, our staff hosted a dinner for a dozen of our ministry team leaders - men and women who invest a lot of time and energy in the day-to-day operations of the church without any financial compensation.

It was a minuscule way for us to say 'thank you,' and it was a fantastic night. Everyone shared a favorite moment in the church from 2016. They talked about their hopes for 2017. We laughed. Hard work and success were acknowledged.

It really is amazing what can happen when people get together to eat tacos. Now, I know that hipsters ruin everything, including tacos. Tacos have become excuses to shove whatever you want into a tiny tortilla. And...occasionally it turns out to be awesome.

What you can't screw up are tacos with ground beef or grilled chicken. Add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and salsa and you're set.  That was the set up for dinner last night and it turned out great. 

But it almost didn't happen.

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