How To Make Your Smart Goals Smarter

My first question is the same question with every new coaching client.

'Tell me about your goals.'

Vague Goals

Yeah, you're right. That's not a question. But you get the idea.

Everyone has an answer. Because everyone has goals.

But most of the time? The answers are vague.

Lose weight. Grow my business. Get better at developing leaders.

That kind of stuff.


And sometimes their goals are SMART.

You know, smart, measurable, actionable...

Maybe you have 2-3 of those kind of goals in your life and work right now.

I wanna show you a way to take that smart goal and make it smarter.

90 days.

Remember what the 'T' stands for in SMART goal world?

Time sensitive, right?

If you set goals for 90 days, you have the time sensitive element baked into the process.

Plus, you limit your exposure to outside forces that wreak havoc on annual goals. Think about all that has happened in your life and work since March 2015.

Crazy right?

Not to mention that when you set a goal for 90 days, it doesn't leave much room for the kind of lollygagging and procrastination that afflicts goals with a longer time leash.

So let's get down to brass tacks.

Your Goal

'In 90 days, I will _____________________.'

To help you set your goal, I put together a FREE cheat sheet that digs deeper into goal setting. If you're serious about accelerating results in your life and work, grab a copy and take 15 minutes to get one step closer to breakthrough

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