When Large Churches Hurt Small Churches

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss:

·         Small churches and large churches are different. And while we know it’s true, those differences tend to be ignored and we become preoccupied with making every church a big church.

·         Large church pastors set the tone. Leverage the influence granted by your platform to encourage small church pastors and to tailor your message to their context.

·         A great church is a discipling church. Greatness is not determined by size, but by a commitment to help people follow Jesus.

·         A simple recipe for small church greatness. Identify what you’re good at. Do more of that. Celebrate the good things that you do.


If you are a small church pastor who recoils at the idea of anyone thinking that your church is small, please know that churches like yours are the bread-and-butter of Jesus’ kingdom. No other church can do in your city what you and your people can do.

Use our FREE Guide to discover how your church can be great.

Great churches love God and love people. But every local expression of the Church loves in ways that are unique to its people and its context. Rather than copying-and-pasting from other churches, use this FREE guide to map out the steps to finding your greatness.

Mac Lake on Discipling Leaders In Your Church

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss:

Take These Four Steps Towards Radical Diversity

Take These Four Steps Towards Radical Diversity

Your church should be a radically diverse church. And odds are you're not there. Maybe you've tried and got hurt in the process. Maybe you have big plans to bring in people from different colors, classes and cultures. Before you give up or get hurt, here are four significant and sustainable steps your church can take right now that will lead you to diversity. 

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