Secret #12: Should Men Who Are Church Leaders Learn From Women?

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss:

  • Our heroes have feet of clay. With gratitude and respect for the work and legacy of John Piper, his conviction that female professors should not teach in seminary is both extra-biblical and unhelpful. 
  • Men are underdeveloped without the help and wisdom of women. Issues get ignored. Perspectives go unchallenged. And roles and relationships in a local church don’t thrive.
  • Learning from women is easier than you think. Take the initiative to listen to the women already around you. Learn from women you agree with. Learn from women you disagree with. 

As we ride a wave of gender equality (#metoo), Christian leaders should be at the forefront based on the ontological equality of men and women. But history tells us that men do not intentionally listen and learn from women leaders without a push in the right direction. Consider this your nudge.

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