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How An Annual Calendar Makes You A Better Preacher

I want you to sign up for a brand-new online training session that I’m hosting on Tuesday, June 28th at 2 pm Eastern (U.S.). It’s called ‘How To Preach Better Sermons In Less Time’ and I’m going to show you the basics of my sermon planning and preparation system.

I created this for pastors like you who do good work but could use a set of simple and sustainable strategies to take your preaching to the next level. And our messages are too important to cut corners, but what I’ll show you will save time and stress.

I’m only planning to offer this training one time so go ahead and sign up right now!

3 Reasons Leaders Fail To Reach Their Goals

On Tuesday, April 12th at 2 pm Eastern (U.S.)*, I'm hosting a FREE online event that will give you the momentum and clarity you need to reach your goals. This 45-minute master class will give you a way to:

  • Set ambitious goals and achieve them in 90 days or less
  • Measure your progress in achieving those goals
  • Make sure you're progressing towards your goal by building daily habits

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