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Are Your Relationships Healthy?

Guest post by Tal Prince.

We have all sat through some roll calls in our life, and the more formal authority figures sometimes required us to respond, “present.” 

What did you mean when you answered? Did you mean that you were fully there, or did you mean that you were merely physically in the room? 

For most of us, we meant we were physically there, but that was about it.

Is that true for you during staff meetings and lunches with friends? Is it sometimes true in your marriage or with your children? 

It is so easy these days to be physically present, but mentally and emotionally distracted. Of all the shortages we have in our world, we are not suffering a shortage for distraction.

5 Sneaky Ways That Pastors Misuse God's Rewards

5 Sneaky Ways That Pastors Misuse God's Rewards

If you want to use rewards well, remember that what you consider a 'reward' is really a trophy of God's grace. That thing you could misuse does not belong to you. It is a gift from God to be used in the service of a life that finds its deepest joy in loving Him and loving the people around you.

So take all of these gifts and do the next right thing. What that looks like will vary person-to-person but in the end, the proper way to use God's rewards is in obedience to him.

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