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Choose Health Over Hustle: A Masterclass On Getting The Most Out Of Work

Ever feel like you’re not hearing the whole truth about the benefits of hard work?

In my (Tal) work as a therapist, I tend to hear things differently than other people. I spend almost as much time listening to what is not being said as I do to what is being said. Here’s a great example - when a client walks into my office, I start with very complex question; you know something along the lines of “How’s it going?”

When you ask that question, what are some of the top answers you receive? What is your quick, unedited response to that question? I can tell you that the most frequent answer I get is, “Man, I’m busy.” Is that how you would respond?

15 Simple Habits That Increase Your Productivity

15 Simple Habits That Increase Your Productivity

Sometime today you will hit the wall. You will be 'working' but lose focus because you are tired, hungry and distracted. But that doesn't have to be true for you tomorrow. Incorporate one or more of these habits and take your productivity to an all-time high. 

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