Our online programs, private coaching and organizational consulting help church leaders make the most out of all that God has given them.



Grow Yourself


GPS Coaching

Feel stuck? Not sure you're getting the most out of your life and leadership? This private coaching program helps you set goals, measure performance and focus on your most important work.

Preach Better Sermons

Most pastors feel like they're stuck or struggling to deliver the kind of messages they want to preach. This 12-module online program takes the guesswork out of planning, preparing and delivering great sermons. 


Grow Your Team


Pipeline Academy

Quit guessing at how to develop leaders in your church. In four weeks, you can design a simple and sustainable leadership development system that grows and evolves as your church grows and evolves. 



Casey Graham

There are people that deal in theory and people that deal in reality. Matt Adair is the master of both. He understands the WHY, but is one of the rare people who can actually translate that into HOW TO steps. And beyond that... Matt cares about your soul which is rare in a world full of consultants looking for a buck.

- Former CEO, The Rocket Co., #1963 on the Inc. 5000 list

Matt Chandler

Matt Adair has been encouraging and coaching church planters for as long as I have known him. He is extremely gifted at helping pastors and churches maximize the leadership, shepherding and structural challenges that they face.

- Lead Teaching Pastor, The Village Church; President, The Acts 29 Network

Brian Howard

Matt Adair is a seasoned veteran who is skilled in coaching leaders. If you are interested in taking your leadership forward, I highly recommend him.

Acts 29 Western U.S. Director; Executive Director, Context Coaching

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