As a pastor and former small business executive, I know the challenges that you and your organization face. As a coach and consultant, I have fifteen years of experience working with leaders and organizations to develop solutions to their challenges. As a speaker, I have almost twenty years of experience communicating to audiences week after week.

I understand the importance of captivating audiences. I know how critical it is to get results. If we work together, you have my assurance that you will get what you need. Choosing a coach, a consultant or a speaker is a big decision; I hope this page helps you make it. I appreciate you considering me for your project or event. If you’d like to talk more about whether I can help you, click here (link) to contact me directly.

A Little About Me

My name is Matt Adair and I’m a pastor, coach, consultant, speaker and writer. I wake up every morning convinced that we’re one day closer to the world we all want and grateful for the opportunity to help leaders like you do the work you love. 

After working as a senior executive for a global non-profit, I started a coaching and consulting firm called Griddiron to build healthy leaders and healthy organizations. I’m a husband and a father of three boys, so my world is rarely quiet and full of surprises.

My coaching, consulting and speaking revolve around this simple idea: healthy things thrive. I challenge leaders and organizations to choose healthy practices that lead to great results. My speaking and coaching clients have included churches, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations. 


My speaking topics vary from organizational culture and personal renewal to vocational development and physical health for busy people. Ten years of experience as the primary communicator for a local church means that I’ve talked about pretty much every topic you can imagine related to faith and culture. You can hear my weekly messages here if you want an idea of what I bring to the table.


Coaching provides me the opportunity to put leaders in a position to sucessfully reach their personal and professional goals. I coach business leaders, church leaders, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders. I custom design the coaching process and experience to match the context of my clients. I coach clients one-on-one and, on occasion, offer group coaching. Let me know (link) if you want more information about coaching through Griddiron.


Consulting expands my work beyond an individual leader as I work with a group of leaders in a church or business to clarify where they want to go, accurately assess where they are, and to develop an innovative solution that meets their needs. I have helped churches implement plans for discipleship, leadership development, financial growth and church planting. My work with businesses has focused on organizational clarity and culture, strategic planning, hiring plans, compensation plans, and best communication practices. Let me know (link) if you want more information about consulting through Griddiron. 

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